Super useful fundamental

I’ve definitely learned the importance of underhooks. Today, it was really driven home, explicitly, by one of our head professors. He taught how to fundamentally fight for underhooks from both standing and while positioned for side-control. For example with both underhooks while standing, you can bear hug, off balance your opponent via shoulder shrug, and then […]

Getting schooled

got schooled

I was watching the head professor teach intently. He was showing us the move 3 cycles in. Suddenly he called my name and asked what the next step is. I went for idiot mode, gave an idiot grunt, and then proceed to answer incorrectly. He didn’t embarrass me or anything. I think we were both […]

Open Mat Sundays

After a slough of unfortunate circumstances that lead to the result of my extended open-mat hiatus, I finally made it back. Not many people here today, but it gave me an opportunity to work on my incredibly flawed fundamentals. Here are the biggest takeaways today: Controlling the Side Control Make sure to under-hook asap. Losing […]

White belt 2nd stripe

A bunch of people got striped today, including me.On the one hand i’m jealous because a bunch got 2 stripes at once and I feel like i’m better than them, but on the other hand I definitely feel inept to have even 2 stripes; the morning classes, because the no stripes beat on me all […]

Open mat benchmark

Today at open mat, my buddy gave me the opportunity to benchmark myself. for 5 minutes, see how many times I (6 mo. in) will get submitted by him (~8 years in). The number is Six. I think my failure is greatly contributed to the fact that i pass guard like shit. As soon as […]

The Tonka sweep

So today we learned a sweep from half guard. I’m not quite sure what the official name is… something about half-guard belly sweep? Either way, it’s pretty easy to setup and execute. I’m looking forward to trying this out in practice. In the meanwhile, I still can’t pass closed guard…. Was trying to do it […]

BJJ just got a little dirtier

First of all, coach K taught today, so that was awesome. Secondly, he taught me my first lapel choke, so that’s even cooler. And the cherry on top? The lapel choke is called the pearl necklace… hahaha *note* loosen opponent’s lapel completely either during grip fighting or later. This is a prereq before you can start […]

Guard passing principals

Instead of going to open mat, I thought I’d let my joints recover for the weekend; If I just straighten my right arm out to hand, it hurts.. That doesn’t seem right lol. Anyway, I spent some good time today Youtubing guard passing principals and guard retention, because that is something I need great improvements […]

Overhook to choke to triangle

– break opponent’s posture for the overhook (hardest part)    – overhook needs the hand to drive towards the gi lapel on the opposite side of the hook, continue driving to have tight grip (*note* this did not work for me)    – cross other hand over opponent’s head and push against opponent’s ear with […]